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Steren Chabert

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Cerebral aneurysm is a cerebrovascular disorder characterized by a bulging in a weak area in the wall of an artery that supplies blood to the brain. It is relevant to understand the mechanisms leading to the apparition of aneurysms, their growth and, more important, leading to their rupture. The purpose of this study is to study the impact on aneurysm rupture of the combination of different parameters, instead of focusing on only one factor at a time as is frequently found in the literature, using machine learning and feature extraction techniques. This discussion takes relevance in the context of the complex decision that the physicians have to take to decide which therapy to apply, as each intervention bares its own risks, and implies to use a complex ensemble of resources (human resources, OR, etc.) in hospitals always under very high work load. This project has been raised in our actual working team, composed of interventional neuroradiologist, radiologic technologist, informatics engineers and biomedical engineers, from Valparaiso public Hospital, Hospital Carlos van Buren, and from Universidad de Valparaíso – Facultad de Ingeniería and Facultad de Medicina. This team has been working together in the last few years, and is now participating in the implementation of an “interdisciplinary platform for innovation in health”, as part of a bigger project leaded by Universidad de Valparaiso (PMI UVA1402). It is relevant to emphasize that this project is made feasible by the existence of this network between physicians and engineers, and by the existence of data already registered in an orderly manner, structured and recorded in digital format. The present proposal arises from the description in nowadays literature that the actual indicators, whether based on morphological description of the aneurysm, or based on characterization of biomechanical factor or others, these indicators were shown not to provide sufficient information in order to predict by themselves the risk of rupture. Therefore, our hypothesis is that the risk of rupture lies on the combination of multiple actors. These actors together would play different roles that could be: weakening of the artery wall, increasing biomechanical stresses on the wall induced by blood flow, in addition to personal sensitivity due to family history, or personal history of comorbidity, or even seasonal variations that could gate different inflammation mechanisms. The main goal of this project is to identify relevant variables that may help in the process of predicting the risk of intracranial aneurysm rupture using machine learning and image processing techniques based on structured and non-structured data from multiple sources. We believe that the identification and the combined use of relevant variables extracted from clinical, demographical, environmental and medical imaging data sources will improve the estimation of the aneurysm rupture risk, with respect to the actual practiced method based essentially on the aneurysm size. The methodology of this work consist of four phases: (1) Data collection and storage, (2) feature extraction from multiple sources in particular from angiographic images, (3) development of the model that could describe the risk of aneurysm rupture based on the fusion and combination of the features, and (4) Identification of relevant variables related to the aneurysm rupture process. This study corresponds to an analytic transversal study with prospective and retrospective characteristics. This work will be based on publicly available health statistics data, data of weather conditions, together with clinical and demographic data of patients diagnosed with intracranial aneurysm in the Hospital Carlos van Buren. As main results of this project we are expecting to identify relevant variables extracted from images and other sources that could play a role in the risk of aneurysm rupture. The proposed model will be presented to the physicians of the Hospital Carlos van Buren, to be further implemented in this Institution according to the demonstrated impact of our results. The main results will be published in indexed journals and presented at national and international conferences


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